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Lunch Menu

Lunch Combo Special

Rice plate only or
Combo Rice Plate + One Side

Rice Plate

1) Green Curry


Zucchini, eggplant, basil, green bean, bell pepper, and coconut milk. 

2) Yellow Curry (Ka-ree)


Potato, carrot, onion, simmered in coconut milk. 

3) Basil (Gra-Praw)


Sauté, basil, green bean, onion, bell pepper, chili-garlic sauce.


4) Eggplant

Sauté, basil, bean sauce, carrot, onion, bell pepper, garlic sauce

5) Peanut Supreme (Pra-ram)

Homemade peanut sauce, over cooked meat, bedding of broccoli and green

6) Mix Veggie

Sauté, mixed vegetable, zucchini, squash, bell pepper, broccoli in garlic sauce.


Coconut Shrimp (2)


Crispy, served w/ citrus sauce dipping.

Crispy Veggie Roll (2)

Stuffed mixed fresh vegetable, w/ sweet chili sauce dipping. 

Crispy Tofu (4)


Served w/ sweet chili sauce dipping, a hint of ground peanut.


Cheese Rangoon (2)

Crispy wonton wrap, w/ sweet chili sauce dipping. 

Bangkok Dumpling (2)

Chicken and vegetable stuffed, w/ ginger-soy sauce dipping

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